Egypt Air

Before I traveled to Egypt and London last November, I post a question on my twitter and facebook about  Egypt Air, inquiring about the airline company itself, their services, and quality! It was my first time to travel Egypt Air and I got pretty interesting answers… it kinda scared me off… but then K.K., an Egyptian manager I knew at a company I worked for before, and Shaikha, a friend of mine, both assured me that it was not THAT BAD! I was kinda relieved… why? K.K. is pretty much honest and so open minded. Shaikha? Well she is super neat and cares about service and quality so much! So two reliable sources 😉

So here is my humble opinion! It was chaos at  the check-in counter in Kuwait Airport. The lines were not defined, people were loud, strangers would come and talk to us about how much our luggage weight is suppose to be…  I was waiting to get out of there SO FAST! I started to worry, but then as I entered the airplane I was kinda relieved. Its a short trip and the business class looked good with comfortable leg room

The staff were not just friendly, I would say they were SUPER friendly and all smiles. It is for sure better than Kuwait Airways 😉

We were given newspapers/magazines, mint candies, water/juices, and some brochures with info + Arrivals’ Forms.

Check out their golden buckle seatbelt *bling bling*

The plane took off smoothly *buhbye Kuwait*

Everything was going great… the staff/crew were very attentive and very helpful in every way possible.

Food? Well… they have pretty good selection; appetizers were yummy and fixed for everyone in our class

For our main courses, my dad ordered fish and rice, while I went for pasta and beef… my dad’s dish was way better than mine so I shared his 😛 It was really good

I didnt want tea/coffee after my meal, but the steward told me that he will bring me tea anyways, I didnt mind 😉 so he personally took my dessert plate of, kept it on my table and placed the tea cup next to it. It was a nice gesture

I didnt browse through their channels much – I was chatting with my dad mostly, then watched a couple of episodes (cartoons :-P) – nice selections of movies, TV series, and more

And here is the Nile river… we are almost there 😉

And Cairo

The lounge in Cairo was clean, quiet, friendly (but chatty) staff, and with WiFi… I didnt like their food selection to be quite honest so water was good for me then.

Although our airplane to Egypt was one of the old ones, it was kinda better in some ways.. On our way back to Kuwait the airplane was newer and looked nicer, but there were no compatible headsets to be given 😦 That was my only negative take on this trip! Other than that, it was a good experience with Egypt Air 😉 I would probably use it for my next trip to Egypt 😉

4 responses to “Egypt Air

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  2. Thanks for the info, i now have more choices to select from, especially since I removed Kuwait Airways from the list long ago.

  3. I keep hearing from people who frequently travel to Egypt that Egypt Air is improving all the time

  4. Wow kk is made famous again, thanks…
    I am happy the airline did not dissapoint you. Sorry i forgot to tell you never take meat, only chicken or fish….

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