“No Smoking” in The Avenues

I was thrilled to hear that The Avenues will be a smoking-free mall starting January 1st 2011. As a matter of fact I was there on that day to run quick errands in the afternoon. The mall was PACKED and everyone was smoking. I kept posting updates on my Twitter about it and how disappointed I was 😦 No one seemed to care or even aware of their new “healthier” movement. I went again yesterday and while sitting at Pinkberry, the table next to us was literally a chimney! Three ladies were smoking NON-STOP! I asked the staff about it and they said it was still allowed to smoke in restaurants and cafes! Seriously? Doesn’t that defies the whole purpose of “Smoking-Free” Mall?

Anyways… Mark also posted about it on his blog with few good suggestions to take into consideration (link)

I really hope they listen like Saso did when I tweeted about it! I was so upset that the restaurant placed “No Smoking” signs on each and every table yet when people asked for ashtrays they allowed them to smoke… but check out this:

Now that what I call great customer service/customer retention program 😉


7 responses to ““No Smoking” in The Avenues

  1. I was there yesterday and as u said every body was smoking! Its sad people don’t really care about it. Not meaning to sound pessimistic, but my expectations on its proper implementations are pretty low. But I really hope I’m wrong.

    P.S. – Whats with winter fashion this year? I thought people were dressed ridiculously yesterday!

  2. bel 3aks ana lima re7t sheft el-security yklmon eshbab o 5athoh mnhom o 7ta mn kither el-wanasa 7a6et post 3ana !

  3. Here is a better suggestion for the Avenues management :

    How about asking The Sultan Center how they succeeded in making their premises a smoke free and an upscale shopping centers for years now.

  4. I believe smoking IS allowed in restaurants and cafes in avenues. They only banned it elsewhere. If you notice 80% of Lorenzino customers are smokers. I think Cafe’s will lose a lot of customers if they ban it as well.

  5. loool!! the thing with saso is so cool!!
    they should ban smoking in restaurants!! even if its outdoors!

  6. Mark’s suggestions were good, but I believe there should be some kind of fines for those who are smoking and people with the authority to take action with those caught smoking. Last time I was out in a supposedly smoke free restaurant, the waiter was too scared to confront the “chimney” behind us :S

  7. People smoking in Dean & Deluca at the weekend. No ashtrays on tables, although they were provided when requested.What’s the point of introducing a smoke free plan if it is not going to be implemented and policed? I was NOT happy – when will people learn they are not only killing themselves, but others around them. How selfish! I do NOT want to breathe their filth!!

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