Before going shopping at Selfridges you may wanna drop by AUBAINE for a quick breakfast and some sugar for energy to burn while shopping 😉

AUBAINE is sophisticated bakery/boulangerie. They serve yummy light very chic food! From breakfast/brunch to lunch and dinner… or even coffee/tea. The receptionist was so joyful and friendly. She was actually happy with me taking pictures 😉

Check out those gigantic macaroons – not for sale though!

I was with Luluscious that morning and we sat on a table, browsed through their menu and food items on display waiting for her mom to join us

Check out their salt and pepper presentation ❤

The menu is limited to few items only, yet very yummy selection of French bistro food items.

Along with my black coffee, I ordered fresh mozzarella and tomato pie/open sandwich drizzled with pesto sauce.. all so fresh and the smell was fabulous! Their bread is SO GOOD!

Great coffee, fresh food, friendly staff, and fabulous ambiance (would be nice if you can make it to the terrace when its not too cold LOL).

This is a perfect start for a lazy morning to get some fuel before shopping 😉

One response to “AUBAINE

  1. the shoos the are nice i need 38 possible tks
    but its look a nice display ?????????????

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