What’s His Problem???

This idiot guy needs help! He is so upset that USA lost the bet to Qatar for World Cup 2022! Seriously???????


12 responses to “What’s His Problem???

  1. in-love-with-laguna

    ين استخف الريال ههههه

    ياته العره

  2. What a pathetic person

  3. ma3inda salfa but it was funny to see him freak out lol

  4. LOL..Im so glad Qatar won! seems more of Foot ball nation as oppposed to a country where fotball is technically “soccer” not that thats a justified reason for loosing the bid..but wth..im biased being a middle easterner 😀


  5. I enjoy visiting Qatar and I’m glad they won. This guy doesn’t represent my country. He is a uneducated jackass!

  6. Its just the world cup man calm down !!

  7. this guy is nobody, but it’s sad how some football figures and political ones (including Obama) still can’t accept the fact that Qatar is hosting the World Cup, and they’re the same people who talk about democracy and anti-racism and they can’t accept the fact that a Middle-Eastern Arab country is holding a sport event?!! European nations are actually threatening to boycott the 2022 World Cup 😦

  8. I’ll tell you what’s his problem. He’s upset coz everybody knows that if the States hosted 2022, their economic crisis will heal! Things will flourish again economically, that one month will change the scale!

    Now reality, US will never embrace FOOTBALL! They want to prevail in everything, in every sport! Well guess what US, FOOTBALL is the #1 game in the world that’ll you’ll never excel in ;p

    He said he played “soccer” when he was back in Germany, dude that’s a different game! ;p Its FOOTBALL! maybe thats why you guys didn’t win the bid, coz you keep calling it soccer! You can’t host an event with the wrong name! ;p

    Qatar file kicked a** they deserved to host it, besides US had their chance in 94′ people want to see first timers like Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 good luck to them both 😉

  9. He’s not upset … he is joking for god sake .. go to his channel and see his other videos he always talk like this about any issue .. we just take everything more serious.

  10. Hehe he is such a DRAMA QUEEN!

  11. OmG this creep is insane and ridicolus,not only that but he is also uneducated! Come on how pitty is that! making his silly video and downgrading qatar that can buy him and get his family for free!excuse me silly kid if u dont know where qatar is google it and shame on u for failing geography class bk mybe in middle school lol! This kid is hopeless made me laugh! Thx for sharing

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