Recommended – Twix Fino

While in London, my friend Fatma S. suggested I try Twix Fino…

A newer version with less calories and no biscuits…

Instead… its filled with crunchy wafer very similar to Gavottes Crepes 😉

The Verdict: Definitely yummier than the old version and the lesser amount of calories lessens the guilt 😉 Do we have it in Kuwait?

11 responses to “Recommended – Twix Fino

  1. yea! mawjood in SLC. I found it in sharg’s slc the other day. Delicious!

  2. yeah imkawad every where… i was so happy to discover that i don’t have to lug it bel cartons min the UK … el ma67ana ele yam our work etbe3ah fa we often get it for a coffee break 🙂

  3. matwa8a3…unless etha akoo eb sultan center..!

  4. The most amazing chocolate i ever had!!

  5. Yes u can find it in jam3eya

  6. oh crap I’m starving for twix 😦 it’s the second choco I love besides flake

  7. Gavottes are evil!!!!!!!!

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  9. Yup mawjod fe markaz sul6an
    i think 350 fils
    o mawjod eb b3d ;p

  10. o mawjood eb kaian co-op the UK goodies section yam el cashier

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