GulfRun 6 Meetup


I was invited by my friend Marzouq to attend GulfRun 6 Meetup in Shuwaikh. Being the gentleman he is, he sensed my hesitation since such events would be flooded with stags and no hens, he asked me to come and check the preparations before the event 😉 I gladly accepted and went there with my camera

I must admit that the efforts put into making this event were remarkable! Turning a storage area into a hip place like this was just fabulous!

They had dividers with various pictures collected from all GulfRun events – I saw some familiar faces 😉

Some monsters on display too

Sponsors of GulfRun 6

I was having fun with Marzouq, Z and his twin brother… Just snapping pictures and walking around wondering how the place would look like when people fill it up! Too bad I can’t stay 😦

Oh and the good food

Catering from GriLLo

And I ran into GriLLo’s manager whom I met earlier this year when I was in the judging panel of TOK 2010! He would not just let me go home empty handed and gave me yummies to munch on at home – boy they were GOOD 😉

And before I end this post, I would just like to let you all know that I have KD5 Raffle Tickets to GulfRun6 that I am trying to sell out (so help me please). If you are interested into winning (more info here) buy some from me and enter the draw + its a good cause!

Anyways, if you want to know more about GulfRun 6

Check out their official website (link)

Blog (link)

Facebook (link)

Or follow them on Twitter (link)


Mark posted about the event on his blog with more info and pictures! Check it out here!

11 responses to “GulfRun 6 Meetup

  1. The event was fun! I’m happy you came! Thank you for your support!

  2. I’m all over these boards hahahaha

  3. was amazing good job GR and amazing write up ansam…

  4. amazing picssss

  5. As usual ansam, great coverage..

    It seems that you’ve been too early to avoid the guys :p
    Hopefully you or your sister will participate in road rush at least, if not GR..
    Let Marzouq create category for girls.

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