A Day at Covent Garden

One day Luluscious and I decided to pass by Covent Garden! It was right after we had Chipotle, which is not too far away from there.

Covent Garden is a “MUST STOP SPOT” every time I am in London (on trips of five days or more). It just so beautiful and brings back so many childhood memories and good times.

The Apple Market (and Jubilee Market) were really a vegetable market back in time

Shops inside those market halls sell novelty items, artwork, accessories, antiques, jewelry, kitchenware, handmade goods, and much much more! That Market is open daily, but the stalls inside work on their own schedules.

In addition to stalls and vendors in the market, their are actual shops with more variety of items and designer brands.

The place was so full of life, street performers, people shopping, kids being kids…

We were just having a good time walking around, shopping, and talking to vendors – friendly people, but most of them wont allow photography 😛

Moving on… we walked to Jubilee Market. If I am not mistaken, this hall operates a bit differently than Apple Market, in which they have specific date sets for different purposes. One day its Antique Market, the other its used books… on other days its art and handcraft items (the day we were there)

Crepe anyone? Hehehe we made a quick stop here for Lulu 😉 Serving fresh crepes in cups!

And here is Rudolph… the red-nosed reindeer 😉 Where is Santa? 😛

Covent Garden…. A place not to be missed 😉

10 responses to “A Day at Covent Garden

  1. thanks for the post
    am gonna need it soon en sha Allah ;>

  2. I miss London 😦

  3. Next time try the yummy jacked potato in Coventry garden it’s a small van that makes the best baked potatoes in the world , I love london

  4. Love this place! and loved your London posts 😉

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