Religions’ Compound in Cairo

The Religions Compound is a walking distance from Amr Ibn AlAas Mosque. Very rich in culture and history spot not to be missed while in Cairo.

This area includes houses of worship of all three major religions; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

You can walk out of Amr Ibn AlAas Mosque, head to the compound and check the newly restored Ben Ezer Synagogue, and the churches (Mari Girgis, Greek Church, Nunnery, Hanging Church)

I still didnt get the chance to visit the Coptic Museum there 😦

You can find more about it on my old blog post last year (link)

To find our more about religions in Egypt, click here!

3 responses to “Religions’ Compound in Cairo

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  2. Great pictures ansam 🙂

  3. Wow ! nice pictures Ansam!
    My parents might be visiting Egypt next year and I’ll make sure to add this to their itinerary. Thanks for the post.

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