STB – London – FINALE

OK now this is the last day for STB London 😉 Seems like it was an amazing course and the students enjoyed it to the max! Can’t wait for more from Pink Coffee 😉 Here goes their last email for the course updates:

The day started with a guest speaker who is a venture capitalist. This session allowed participants to enter the real world of start-up finance as the senior VC told us all their secrets to raising finance.

Finance is essential for any successful start-up, so this session allowed participants to understand various funding strategies while focusing on ways to influence the venture capitalist to different options on the table. After the early class it was time to hand out the certificates to STB London participants followed by a short speech by Kings college business director, Fahad Al Fahad of VIVA Telecommunications and Shamlan Al Bahar of Pink Coffee Marketing & PR

The next session was about learning to create a unique market through corporate development. It focused on long-term corporate-level strategy, i.e. corporate development. Aiming at persistent superior performance, strategists at the corporate-level seek to extend growth in different ways. We discussed the role of initiatives, organic growth, M&A, alliances and divestitures in achieving resilience and analyze examples. Developing and applying heuristics in specific decision making exercises we learned to make tradeoffs in the selection and implementation of the chosen strategy.

The following section was the last one so it was a wrap-up and action plan for participants’ enterprises .It focused on creating a feasible action plan that is feasible, suitable and acceptable for each participant.

As they completed all the course components, participants were awarded a King’s College London Certificate of Attendance.

After the mini-ceremony, participants that were leaving to Kuwait headed back to the hotel to gather their bags and leave to the airport because their flight was at 9:40 pm. All participants expressed their thanks and gratitude as well as their appreciation for such a beneficial and enjoyable course.


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  2. Mohammad Almunaikh ! i am Proud of you man ! keep it up

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