Abou ElSid – Take II

Since my first visit to Abou ElSid last year, I have been thinking about it and waiting for it to open a branch in Kuwait like they told me… I made sure I make a stop there before I leave Cairo and I did 😉

According to their official website (link) that during the Fatimid era, Abou ElSid lived and he was well known for his hospitality and generosity despite the fact that he was somewhat less fortunate! In his restaurant you will find original and tasty authentic Egyptian dishes… so lets go in, shall we?

The restaurant is a mixture of classic interiors with hip atmosphere. The crowd are usually younger generation and many tourists. The table to our right had young men from the Gulf region, the one on the left was taken by a Spanish family… across from us were young Egyptian couples… so you get the picture 😉

Again, I took a picture of their bathroom doors! Shadia was the sign for the “Ladies” room 😉

The walls were decorated with vintage posters all over and with paintings of celebrities too

We were four, and we sat on a round table with a round rusty tray in the middle

We browsed through their menu, but I knew I wanted to have a bite of Sharkasiya, and another of their famous Milokhiya 😉

Sharkasiya is Egyptian rice covered with shredded chicken and an amazing gravy like broth on top! Its one of their best dishes…

Anyways… here are some pictures for you to get an idea: Salad, Yogurt/Cucumber Salad, Baba Ghanouch, and Tahini

Main courses were Sharkasiya, Milokhiya accompanied with white rice and half a baby chicken, lamb chops, mixed grills, and okra with meat stew. I was told many many times that they have the best hamaam (pigeons) but I am not a fan so AGAIN… I missed out on that dish 😛

The dishes I tried were sharkasiya, milokhiya, and lamb chops! I had a few bites of each…. the food was amazing and really really good but there were still a lot of left overs :-S Oh and of course, no one should leave that restaurant without trying their infamous Um Ali

TOO SWEET but also too good to be missed out 😉 We ordered four of those 😉

Our bill came to a total of EGP528

Abou ElSid -the one I went to- is located in AlZamalek Area on 26th July Street. They are open daily from 1:00PM to 2:00AM, and if I am not mistaken their is a minimum charge for every table of EGP100.

16 responses to “Abou ElSid – Take II

  1. Amazing post!! A must on my list ;p

  2. Abul seed is a MUST everytime i go to cairo.
    Ansam the pix are just amazing you managed to capture the core of the place and share it with us .

    i can see that you’ve been to the Zamalik branch . it is the first and most crowded . in high season u need a reservation and it gets really smokey due to bad ventilation with m3assilat.

    since you liked it that much
    i would recommend the Ma3adi branch , quite located in a house with an out door area (this time of the year would be amazing)

    Never EVER visit alhuhandeseen branch .

    the city stars one is amazing as well (in city stars mall -masr eljdeeda).

    they have the best Ruz bil5al6a ,kushari ,falafil and mishaltit
    OMG am starving and craving .

    Ansam enti el sabab (angry face) 😛

    • Thanks 😀
      Oh and I would love to try the Ma3adi Branch… sounds like an amazing atmosphere!

      I am hungry for Abou El Sid now too LOL

  3. GASP u didnt try the chicken fatta ?????

  4. al fatta needs a post on its own Dalal 🙂

  5. AHHHH this is my favorite restaurant in Zamalek
    god i miss this City.
    you know they have on in Sharm el Shaikh .
    usually the one in Ma3adi is soooo amazing 🙂
    you should try “fata bel moza” its heavy and super delicious

  6. ana akalt fi fer3hom elli fi Dubai.. el7amaam oo 6agen lesan el3a9foor shy foog elwa9f.

  7. Wain fi Dubai am shocked !!!! I love bo elseed , their warg nab with yougat , and kaftan yummy , sharkaseya is the best dish ,I always go to the one next to nadi allayed.

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