Mosque of Amr Ibn AlAas

Cairo is not the cleanest city, nor it is well put together, but surely its people are of the friendliest and most welcoming… it is one of the richest in historical places! It is the city of 1,000 minarets… and for that reason I drop by different mosques whenever I visit Cairo! In this post, I will take you with me to Amr Ibn AlAas Mosque.

The mosque was built back in AD 642 as the center of the newly-founded capital of Egypt back then, Al Fustat (which means tents) – and what we call today “Old Cairo”.

This below is in the center of the mosques and it contains faucets for prayers to perform abulotion before praying!

It is an active mosque, and visitors are welcomed when prayers are not taking place… so we went in, and I put my scarf as a hijab out of respect as I entered.

The original story goes that when Amr Ibn AlAas was ordered by Caliph Omar to conquer Egypt, they had set up a tent by the Nile, and before he was set off to battle, a dove laid an egg in his tent. When Amr returned victorious, he declared the site of the dove’s egg sacred, and made it the center of his new city! Later, the Mosque of Amr was built on the same location. (link)

What I liked?

  • The history and story behind it
  • The beautiful architecture
  • The surroundings and feel of the place
  • The thought of how many people prayed in this mosque through out those years

What I didnt like?

  • The guards/congregation in the mosque and how they insisted on taking money from me as a charity although I told them I have no money on me and that my dad and his Egyptian friend gave them money from them and on my behalf. They still thought I should give so their prayers for me will be “faster”?!
  • No one was employed to tell the story and take you around the mosque. My info was all from my own research and from my dad who LOVES Amr Ibn AlAas

Nevertheless, this mosque is a must stop if in the area.. its not too far away from the Religions Compound (community)!

For more on my first visit to that mosque, check out my post here!

5 responses to “Mosque of Amr Ibn AlAas

  1. Eyaaaaaaniiin mashallah ilmasjid, naaaaaaaaaaazik 3indi shakla chithi a7la min il modern.I
    a7ebhum a7ebhum kilhum (il9a7aba) o allah e3afiiii uboy mashallah 3aleh 7afith kilshay!!! who LOVES LOVES 3umar bin ilkha6ab!:P

  2. Wow! That’s so beautiful 😀

  3. This is gorgeous!!! Love it…
    Somsom… E7timal kebeer we’ll go in April for Easter…care to join us?

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