I came back towards end of last week from my trip. I was still sick and took my last pill of antibiotic that day. My dad took me to the doctor the next day who said that the antibiotic I was given is good, but the aftermath should take some time and that my cough and chest pain could go on for up to a week! I felt better the next day, much better, so I didnt take it easy on myself just to come back home and few hours later I was back to coughing!

So yesterday, I was home all day…. I was suppose to go out for breakfast but I couldnt go. Some friends came over later in the day to our house. It was quite nice but my sinuses were getting worse and there was a trickle behind my throat… my nose is back to being blocked now! What to do? I wasnt given any more meds, I was just told to wait and I am waiting but its not a nice feeling….

Today I woke up 10 mins before my alarm with the worst headache ever! I could not even hit the snooze button right away… my head felt so heavy!

I am still in bed now I really am drained! Any good ENT doctor that you can suggest? I usually got to AlMowasat, but I dont want to drive or even have someone drive me to Salmiya! The headache is killing me 😦 Help?

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  1. Salamat.. try to put ur hands and feet in very cold water.. also try to put some ice on ur head.. just for 5 minutes and then remove it..
    If you can smell hot pepper, that should open up ur sinus.. and have someone massage your head and into the trigger points in the back of ur skull..

    Dr. hussam at Inernational clinic is good but thats in salmiya. mind you its not finding the right doc when you are sick its being consistent with one doctor that knows you..
    Drink plenty of fluids.. Let them make u fresh hot ginger to drink..
    Salamat.. : ))))

  2. Welcome back, and get as much rest as you can and drink as much as fluids as you can, this was an advice from my physician when I got some cold last two weeks in New York. Take care

    • Seriously Mohammad? did you say something new? 😀 that advice even my nephew could give it to me, your physician in “new york” is not as genius as you make him sound.

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  4. Dr. Abdul Aziz Attia in Inaya Medical Centre-but its in Salmiya as well. He’s one of the best

  5. i would recommend dr khalid alsabeeh bas hes by appointment. try dr abdulmohsen ibraheem in alkhalej clinic 25666999 mokana wayed sahel o matshofen shar insha alla

  6. Dr.Khalid Alsabeh

  7. Matshofen shar, try Dr. Lothar Eckermeier he is good in International Clinic Salmiya.

  8. Ma tshofin shar …. Ithink you must have rest at home and drink hot Green tea any way the fluids take one week that’s mean still at home
    No one can remove that quickly
    ilinfluwanza la mara7l kilha ta’7th one week
    If she still go to the doctors

  9. Just get some nyquil works all the time. Though im not sure if its available in kuwait.

  10. I’d recommend Dr. Luther in International Clinic, I know thats in Salmiya but he’s a really good ENT 🙂

    Hope u get better soon!

  11. For headache try (voltafast or catafast). Its si7ir

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