STB – London – Day III

Here is Day III of STB London for you 😉 Enjoy!

The academic objective for this day is to understand the UK start-up scene by visiting three London start-up perspectives and talking to the founders and managers while discussing different business models and approaches. The first successful start-up is, a new social networking platform, designed to connect the world’s top talent with employers of their choice. The company’s aim is to allow talent to assume control of their career search, and to reduce the complications involved. After this interesting visit the students went to meet  Rajeeb Dey, the Founder & CEO of, a portal which connects students and graduates to start-ups and small businesses worldwide.

After this visit, they went to Fruitful Office, a rapidly growing trend of UK businesses offering fresh fruit to staff, as a means to promote a healthy workplace. The founders of the business told us their story of how they started the business with the ups and downs in addition to offering us delicious fruits. With this visit we ended the academic day and it was only the start to a fun night where everyone was given the freedom to do what he or she pleases.

We decided to go to the Chelsea vs. Fulham football game in Chelsea’s Stadium at Shephard’s Bush and some of the students tagged along. For some of us, it was our first time attending a live football game in the UK, so we certainly enjoyed ourselves especially with all the cheering. As our tummies were growling through the game, we all knew we wanted dinner right after so we headed to Brompton rd. to browse through the restaurants. As we walked we saw this warm looking restaurant with red velvety chairs, so I checked out the menu, it turned out to be Russian so I decided to dine-in since I’ve never really tried the Russian cuisine before. Mohammed al-Munaikh was excited about it too but the rest kept walking away. A few seconds later, we see them all barging in through the doors; apparently, Ciro’s Pomodoro was quite packed. We all ordered a bunch of different things and the waitress suggested a few items. The food took quite a while, but it was definitely worthwhile; I for one loved it but some of us ended up having McD’s right after. After this satisfying meal, we went back to the hotel as we were so tired after this long day.

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  1. how cool is that 😀 cuteeeeeeeeee

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