SNOG Frozen Yogurt

My very best friend Luluscious knows how much I love ice cream and frozen yogurt, so she took me to SNOG while roaming around Covent Garden 😉

To begin with… we were invited to come in by a member of the staff who was handing over vouchers just outside their doors to try free samples of their natural flavor… I sampled it and LOVED it.. I got in and ordered a medium size cup plain… but quickly changed my mind when I saw the toppings! Their berries were just irresistible and they are very generous with their toppings too! Check out this pic… and the size of their blackberries… not just TWO pieces huh?

All for GBP4.95 (or GBP4.99)

What about Luluscious? Well… She’s not a fan of frozen yogurt like me, but she just sat with me while I was devouring my medium size cup! I love her for that! What are best friends for? ❤

7 responses to “SNOG Frozen Yogurt

  1. ansam,,, the yogurt lady 🙂 bl 3afya

  2. Lovely frozen yogurt


  3. I tasted in westfeild, london yum yum

  4. I tried it the last time i went to london but it really wasn’t that great!! ;p

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  6. This looks so yummy!! Bel3afia!

  7. i Love it !!! I thinks its better than Pinkberry ! bl 3afyaa 7abebtii
    uuuuughhh damn how i miss sweet L – town 😦

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