Caribou December Offer

My cousin Noufa was at Caribou earlier today, and while she was checking her BBM one of the baristas said “Oh you have a BlackBerry? Your treat is on us!”

Apparently, if you own a BlackBerry and present it at selected Caribou branches (360, Avenues, AlKout, and Salhiya) on Thursdays, you get a free treat + BlackBerry accessories! They gave her free drink and BlackBerry cover!

Nice move 😉

Mark posted about it also but with more details info (link)

3 responses to “Caribou December Offer

  1. That’s insane, haven’t heard of a offer this good. There must be a catch somewhere. sniff sniff.

  2. not fair !!! wely 3ndhom iphone malhom rab ?? @@

  3. Its a good offer indeed 😉

    Lets wait and see what iPhone offers we will get (I have both devices by the way LOL)

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