STB – London – Day II

Got another email about the second day training of STB program from Pink Coffee! Enjoy 😉

On this rainy day, some of our early birds went walking to the training center while grabbing a hot meal on the way and others were almost late and wanted to grab some McD’s at the station but there simply wasn’t enough time especially with the rush hour and the queue at the train..

The first session of the day focuses on how firms can outperform their competitors and hence gain sustainable competitive advantage. It explores why what is inside the firm is argued to be critical to the achievement of superior performance.

The second session revolved around a case study of Pepsico Inc, which focuses on corporate-level strategy. It considers what is meant by corporate value logics and what the role of the corporate parent is. Dr. Rajwani also encouraged participants to examine how corporate centers can add value to their portfolio of businesses, and the concept of corporate parenting. He introduced the Corporate Parenting Matrix as a tool to evaluate the composition of a corporate portfolio.

After the class Mr.Fahad Al-Fahad and the students enjoyed some juicy burgers at Byron. It’s an understatement to say that the burgers were awesome so let’s say that you got to try it yourself. We grabbed a cab right after and went back to the hotel.

2 responses to “STB – London – Day II

  1. shamlan is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo creative …….

  2. Shamlan is clearly more creative than the last commentator.
    Byron burgers are the best!

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