Costa’s Creme Brulee Latte

Again with one Christmas Special Latte (or is it not?) Costa’s Creme Brulee Latte! If I am not mistaken we DO have it in Kuwait… no?

My dad had a regular latte in a mug, while I had the creme brulee in a to-go cup! Having my drink in or take away, I always take paper cups! No idea why! Anyways…. my creme brulee latte was good – couldnt really taste the creme brulee flavor in it but it was good nevertheless, well…. not as good as the flavorful Eggnog at Starbucks!

Anywho… while posting this I remembered my ear grip/ear warmers shown in the picture above I got from Muji 😦 I lost it! As I was getting out of the train, it fell right then and there… when the train moved, it was still down there. Apparently they need to get some kind of approval to get it out!! Even with their gripping sticks 😦 as they were trying to obtain that “approval” another train passed by (a Virgin one = FAST) and it flew away 😦

I cant wait to go back to London this afternoon to buy a new one! YES! Thats how much I love it LOL

3 responses to “Costa’s Creme Brulee Latte

  1. i had creme brulee coffe in gloria’s jeans , it was good too

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