Starbucks Christmas Lattes

Starbucks UK is offering four different blends for Christmas; Gingerbread Latte, Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Eggnog Latte.

I tried the gingerbread and eggnog – we already have the toffee nut in Kuwait – and the eggnog latte is my favorite by far! ITS SO GOOD!

How come we dont have that selection in Kuwait? And to save you the trouble of asking about the ingredients… it contains NO ALCOHOL! So yeah why dont we have it?

6 responses to “Starbucks Christmas Lattes

  1. 7’9kom@@

    w7na hne ga9en 3lena eb toffee nut :s

  2. These are my favorites! I used to schedule trips back to the States during these seasons because I wanted them so badly. And look at those cups! Don’t you think they should have something really cool for the Islamic countries for Ramadan and Eid?

    I asked every year in Qatar and Kuwait why they didn’t have these, and they told me that the tastes would not appeal to the local clientele. Harumph.

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  4. It is weird, AlShaya never brings any of the special flavors to Kuwait. My favorite thing besides the special holiday flavors is the Chai Latte and they don’t have it here either.

  5. Ansam, the eggnog latte tastes horrible 😦

  6. WE NEED THEM!! e walla! why don’t we have them!! so uncool starbucks.. so uncool.

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