Mobile Charging Kiosks

While walking around the city of Milton Keynes, I saw this mobile charging kiosk machine! -pictures are not clear, will try to snap more with  my camera today rather than my mobile camera 😉

Would such machines do good in Kuwait? Whadya think?

10 responses to “Mobile Charging Kiosks

  1. There was one n almuhallab 🙂

  2. 3ajeeeba w mofeeeda jedan .. was that at Jursy Inn ?

  3. Athker kan fe wa7da eb fanar cinema, not useful at all!

  4. we have one at Kuwait university, Engineering. Its for free, all chargers are there you just plug in ur phone and wait. There are 3 or 4 i think. Very useful.

    • Really? I didn’t notice any. Where exactly is it?
      And yes, we definitely need some of those machines around in Kuwait. 🙂

  5. one is in the library, ta7at next to the security taqreban. The other one is in 14 Kh on the same side as room 105 ..the 3rd and 4th are in mechanics department, and the civils labs

  6. i think they would be useful in work places and universities only.

  7. i think akw bel muhalab yam al cinema
    bs madri lail7en mawjoda aw la2

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