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Eid Mubarak

عيدكم مبارك و تقبل الله طاعتكم

Thanks Alfa+ 😉

Cafe Meem + Napket with Mom

My mom and I passed by Cafe Meem earlier this week for an early dinner at Cafe Meem in The Avenues.

I was told that Cafe Meem serves oven cooked food (nothing is fried)! So it is the same as the one in 360 Mall, only in this one, their Continue reading

Milk Khana

Cant wait to try it 😉 Nice concept!


Welcome today to the soft opening of “Milk Khana” cafe , the best hot and cold beverage with ultimate flavors, milk with cinnamon, saffron, cardamom… And a lot . From 3PM – 11PM .
Salmiya Salem al-Mubarak st- alwatanya mall/ Tel: 25707123

حياكم الله اليوم في الافتتاح التجريبي لقهوة “حليب خانة” ، أحلى المشروبات الحارّة و الباردة بنكهات حلوة و متميزة،حليب بالزعفران ،حليب دارسين ، حليب مبهّر ..وغيره. من 3:00 مساءا-11:00 مساءا ، السالمية مجمع الوطنية مقابل مجمع شاهه


Thanks Rashed 😉

Red Bull Flugtag 2.0 Pictures!

I was invited by Wataniya to attend the 2nd Red Bull Flugtag event at Marina Crescent earlier this month but did not have time to post about it 😉 I went there with my sisters and a friend… it was so crowded! We got there, got set up, picked a place to sit then I went closer to the rails just to get a better view to snap some pictures

We got there before the event had started, but it was full house already

Thank you Wataniya Team 😀

I also got the chance to go Continue reading

Nuqat Gift Box

As I was reading Confashion‘s Blog earlier yesterday, I realized that I too had forgot to post a Thank You note for Nuqat‘s creative gift that I like very much 😉 They had amazing events a while back at GUST, which I was able to attend only one of which – Losing Ahmed.

Anyways… I got a metal box engraved with the numbers 518, inside of which is a laptop skin, stationary, and a lovely T-Shirt!

Thank You Nuqat Team 😀

Halloween Dinner

I know I promised to post about our Halloween Dinner, but it totally slipped my mind… so here you go with random pictures of our dinner a couple of weeks back!!  The night was full of fun! Family, friends, and lots of good food! We had set three stations, one for Continue reading


A week back I saw my friend with his new look – a mustache! It was never a look for him, and to be quite honest, I laughed a bit too… but he told me he was growing his mustache to raise awareness about Movember, in aid for prostate cancer

The Mo -slang for moustache- & November month come together each year for Movember awareness! Growing a mustache challenge men to change their appearance – Its a bit late now, but I just came to learn about it.. November first, you start with a clean shave, and then you’re supposed to grow a mustache for the entire month!


So guys (my male readers) – who’s going for it this month?

WTG Q! And for all those who are doing the same to change the face of men’s health 🙂

Check out celebrities with mustaches (link)

Interview W/ Shitsawii – Vlogging Arab

I am sure the majority of you have seen the videos of “Shitsawii” already – Plus, I have posted about him a couple of weeks back (link). The guy is funny in his own way… he’s charismatic and grabbed the attention of many in such a short time. He can easily make me laugh without trying too hard! I immediately subscribed to his YouTube channel after watching a couple of videos… I wanted to know more, and wanted to share it with you on my blog… so here goes my Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret – Opening Soon

A while back my friend Alia S.E. sent me the above picture of a sign that reads “Coming Soon – Victoria’s Secret” – Question is; are they gonna bring in the store itself as a whole selling sleepwear, lingerie, and beauty products or just as stated above; Beauty – Accessories – Gifts? Any ideas???

Update on the Cucumango :-P

This is the Organic Cucumber I posted about yesterday cut open – check out the flesh 😉