Shooting The Moon :-P

This is just a random post of pictures I took using my new camera, Canon SX30 IS. First shot was taken November 11th and last one was taken on November 19th 😉 Enjoy!

13 responses to “Shooting The Moon :-P

  1. Wow mashallah great pics..I’m glad the moon is not on the ban list…what a stupid law..we keep on going backwards instead of developing…what a shame

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  3. Nice camera by the way, good choice

  4. Congrats, you made it before the ban 😛 well your camera wasn’t DSRL so no worries. Beautiful shots, somehow since its morning. Makes me want pancakes.

  5. stunning Ansam. simply stunning.

  6. These are amazing! Perhaps you’re the reason there was a rumor DSLRs were being banned? 🙂

  7. NICE! Well done 😉

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! It seems so unreal…

  9. Mashallaaaaaaaaaaaah hathaaa ta9weeeeeeeeeeerich!!?!@@

  10. Amazing amazing amaaaazing 😀 gj!

  11. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice

  12. Wow and not even DSLR ! Mashalla 🙂

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