My friend Alfa+ sent me an email full of pictures taken at the Papabubble candy factory. Ever since I received that email, we could not stop thinking about those candies… so I went ahead and ordered some for us online from New York. The price of which was okay, but the shipping was ridiculously expensive, although I was warned by the store owner – who was super nice and very friendly Thanks Fiona 😉 – I ordered them anyways… SO GOOD!

As you can see, I ordered two kinds of candies; fruit and NY

We used to have those in Kuwait back in the day… the size was a bit bigger if I am not mistaken, but I cant find them anymore… any idea where I can get those from? Oh and below are some of the pictures I received by email about it 😛 Enjoy 😉

7 responses to “Papabubble

  1. Wow this looks really good!! Somsom if you need some more I can place an order…my sis is coming from New York for the holidays 😉

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  3. I always buy them from Marks&Spencers ,

  4. These look very similar to what is called ‘rocks’ in the UK. They don’t usually sell them in small pieces but in a long stick. It’s very popular in tourist resorts and the kind of present you bring back as gifts after being on holiday. It’s the place name that usually runs through the middle of the stick. They’re the cheapest of cheapest sweets here and considered a little bit “tacky” and a joke item. Must admit though my favourite is humbug flavour.

    There is the best ever sweet shop franchise in England now selling retro-sweets and current trends. They’re called Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shope Company. It’s like a trip back in time and turns adults back into little kids again. Here’s the FB link!/group.php?gid=10897101159&v=wall

  5. Look nice mashallaah bs eshlon al6a3m ? O bel3afyaa 🙂

  6. I saw them in NYC forgot which candy store had them…lo adry chan ybtlch 😛 bs yea they do remind me of the old candies

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