Eid’s Eve Chez Amna ;-)

I love those outings where one of my friends would call and ask “What are you doing RIGHT NOW? Do you wanna hang out” – where we end up doing basically nothing, but sit back and relax at either my or her house! I have a few friends whom I keep doing this with and we end up having the greatest times ever! On Eid’s eve, my friend Amna called and was like… “Wanna have green tea at my house?” I was in… with effortless look, sweats and flip-flops… I grabbed some fruit flavor (mango, strawberry, and lemon with mint) Gelato Italiano I got from my friend Dalal (of Gelato Italiano) and headed there.

I got in there while she was busy painting a corkboard frame…. she set it aside and we sat down by the pool… enjoying red velvet cupcakes, ice cream, green tea, biscuits… and a GREAT company!

I just love those random out-of-nowhere outings!

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