Eid Cakes by Mimmi

Check out those cute cute cakes done by my sister Mimmi 😉 – Actually, they’re to cute to be eaten but we ate’em LOL

She said making cakes, decorative ones, is her new hobby and she doesnt know how long it will last (I hope she does not stop – Mimmi, DONT lol)

She started off last May when she made some Sushi mini cakes for my birthday at Edo (link)

She made another for our friend’s birthday not too long ago

She also made one last month for my sister’s birthday, and it was a BIG hit (link)

Love you Mimmi ;-*

10 responses to “Eid Cakes by Mimmi

  1. way 2 go mimi, yi6la3 minha 😛

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  3. so cuuute ! girl you better start your own busniess !

  4. They are soo cute! Teslam edich Mimi 😉

  5. Lovely cakes !! Shawegatniii :))

  6. nice! Very talented

  7. creative Mimmi as always :*** i told you girls she’s a cake artist mashallah You go girl 😉

  8. wow now thats wat i call talent, i think she should open her cake shop thats too creative to be kept hidden

  9. Thanks everyone! I love her cakes, shes so talented and I am so proud of my sister :-*

  10. Hi alllllllllllllllllll

    Thanx for the nice comments walla hehehehehe

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