How Far Would You Go?

With public announcements on newspapers?

It reads: “Dearest Om Saleh, please come back home. I am praying to God to help me make it up to you for my behavior in the past few days. Your loving husband, Bu Saleh”

Thanks Eman B. 😉

14 responses to “How Far Would You Go?

  1. i still dont think he learned from his mistake.

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  3. كسر خاطري لول

  4. I think he is a better man than a lot of men who are too arrogant to apologize lol..

  5. Well maybe she saw those public apology emails and thought that they were sweet and he kept that in mind for his future mistakes :p

    For me it doesnt matter he says how sorry he is what matters is that he wont repeat his mistake again cuz men have a short term memory sometimes lol

  6. Shemhabbeb ya bo 9al7

  7. Maskeen lol maybe to remind him not to do it again

  8. Hatha desperate. Shaklah ghal6eta mattesalla7 fa stakhaf w sawa
    hal sewaat!

    Ba3ad mayfot elfoot yt7assefon. Reyayeel, mako fayda!

  9. Woooow it’s either a joke from the newspaper to make ppl get it, or it’s Definetly a first!0

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