KD Eid Chocolates

While doing our Eid rounds, I spotted this tray

Chocolates with KD prints on them! How Eid-Festive is that? 😉

21 responses to “KD Eid Chocolates

  1. عبالي صج

  2. عجييييييب
    Good great wonderful work sis !! Mashallah

  3. 20 KD khalesow oO al 10 & 5 KD ma7ad yabehoom LOol

  4. WOAH!

    Where can i get these!?!?!

  5. Yes please mn wain??

  6. WOW !! these look amazing and so real !!! 😀

    I just started my blog and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out.
    Thanks 😀

  7. oh LoL I THOUGHT u’re the one who made it 😛 heheh fashla ;/!

  8. Wansaa yashweQ bs hal 3eeed m7d mwjooooood

  9. Did you know that’s it is illegal in Kuwait to copy Kuwaiti currency in any shape or form . It is considered forgery . Few years ago some student union members at Kuwait Uni got in trouble for xeroxing the Kuwaiti bank notes and giving it away as an election gimmick . Funny but it is true . Check it out

  10. Hi there 🙂 I don’t know if you mean Eideya cake or Eideya chocolate, cuz our bakery, Baked With Love, do the Eideya cake 🙂
    you can see our products in our group in the FB

  11. للتوضيح
    حلو العيدية بواسطه sdn chocolate
    وشوكولاته العيدية في الصوره الأعلى من انتاج sdn chocolate
    وللطلب ارسال مسج 97722317
    حياكم الله

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