Red Bull Flugtag 2.0 Pictures!

I was invited by Wataniya to attend the 2nd Red Bull Flugtag event at Marina Crescent earlier this month but did not have time to post about it 😉 I went there with my sisters and a friend… it was so crowded! We got there, got set up, picked a place to sit then I went closer to the rails just to get a better view to snap some pictures

We got there before the event had started, but it was full house already

Thank you Wataniya Team 😀

I also got the chance to go “backstage” to get more pictures before they start

Participants were full of energy, interacting with one another and with other participants! Some would even pose for their picture

Many went with their business theme, here is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Check this one out

How cool is that?

And its almost time… they started taking their places in line

The event started now… with a song performed by Bilal AlShami band (if I am not mistaken)

And the first participants are ready – almost- Kuwait Riders

Al Habari Team was second

Sitting out in the sun, I was getting dehydrated and I was starving so I went back to grab a quick bite from PQ’s buffet (which looked AMAZING) but I had a mini burger only

I tried to go back to snap some pictures but I was too dizzy and felt nauseous :-S So we had to go back home… good thing is my friend Mariam R. promised to send me pictures of the event and here they are – LOVED the pics! Very very nice – Thanks Mariam R. 😉

3 responses to “Red Bull Flugtag 2.0 Pictures!

  1. Mashalla nice pictures ..! za7maa welmokaan theeej! Ya3ni ethaa maa kaan elwa7ed ma3zoom ow 3enda mokaan layroo7!

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