A week back I saw my friend with his new look – a mustache! It was never a look for him, and to be quite honest, I laughed a bit too… but he told me he was growing his mustache to raise awareness about Movember, in aid for prostate cancer

The Mo -slang for moustache- & November month come together each year for Movember awareness! Growing a mustache challenge men to change their appearance – Its a bit late now, but I just came to learn about it.. November first, you start with a clean shave, and then you’re supposed to grow a mustache for the entire month!


So guys (my male readers) – who’s going for it this month?

WTG Q! And for all those who are doing the same to change the face of men’s health πŸ™‚

Check out celebrities with mustaches (link)

14 responses to “Movember

  1. If you tilt your head to the right, that logo looks like ice cream :O~

  2. lool @3baid, thats actually creative, either that or your starving.

    I’m not going to grow a mustache for 3 reasons.

    1. Barely anyone locally knows about this awareness.
    2. It is the last thing I want/need on me for Eid, the endless jokes about my mustache will make me want to pale it off.
    3. A campaign that raises awareness, then join a huge party to get drunk then hook up with some chicks ? (Judging from the video provided). Not how I role at all.

  3. Guys are doing the same here in the UK. I first heard of it last year when one of the doctors where I work received sponsorship money for not shaving for a month. That too was to raise awareness for prostate cancer and collect funds for research. It brought attention about the disease and its symptoms to a lot of people who would not normally know about it. Well done Dr. A. and any other man not shaving for a month in support of a good cause.

  4. This is really funny awareness ! Can’t wait to spot a Monovember heheheheheh very 80’s I must say ;p

  5. I think it’s a great idea. I love the Goatee style facial hair that the Kuwaiti men wear here. It looks really nice. When most American men sport it…well it looks ridiculous. Lol!

  6. Here in America the mustache gets a bad rap,it is either associated with police officers and out of shape and old adult movie stars of the 70s or a homosexual.

  7. Really, a very interesting idea! So… why not? πŸ™‚

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