Halloween Dinner

I know I promised to post about our Halloween Dinner, but it totally slipped my mind… so here you go with random pictures of our dinner a couple of weeks back!!  The night was full of fun! Family, friends, and lots of good food! We had set three stations, one for BBQ, one with a mini stove, and Saj stand… in addition to a salad bar, desserts, and appetizers 😉

And the amazing Saj was by Um Reda (AKA Um Kawthar)

She’s a Palestinian lady whom we’ve always trust at our home to make the bes saj… everybody loved her saj wraps, all made with fresh ingredients – if interested you can call her on 66952364

Kebabs 😉

Arayes in the making 😉

And chestnuts ❤ ❤

This amazing looking and yummy cake was made by my sister Mimmi – GREAT job sis ;-*

Oh and my friend Ruby brought some yummy and cute looking red velvet cupcakes from Frost Bakery!

It was such a wonderful night! I had so much fun 😉

And Kuwait City skyline from our house 😉

10 responses to “Halloween Dinner

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  2. let me guess,.. you live in faiha?

  3. 3jeeb ewaniss mashallaah

  4. Wow, that is amazing. I had no idea that Kuwaiti’s celebrate Halloween. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. ماشاء الله شي عجيييب
    اشتهيت صاج لبنه و صاج حلوم ;x

    عليكم بالعافيه ^_^

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