Victoria’s Secret – Opening Soon

A while back my friend Alia S.E. sent me the above picture of a sign that reads “Coming Soon – Victoria’s Secret” – Question is; are they gonna bring in the store itself as a whole selling sleepwear, lingerie, and beauty products or just as stated above; Beauty – Accessories – Gifts? Any ideas???

12 responses to “Victoria’s Secret – Opening Soon

  1. Sadly no clothes or lingerie
    Just beauty products exactly as what the poster says 😦

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  3. Question. So how do girls get that “type” of clothing exactly? Asking for pure educational purposes only lol. Seeing as Kuwait isn’t too fond of it.

    Just wondering,
    VA πŸ˜›

  4. but why would they not bring it all?
    because debenhams offers some selection of clothing etc

  5. Yea I think they’ll be havin the same products as the one in debenhams :/
    too bad yea cz everyone was soo excited to havin victoria secrets in kwt bs still online orders are still valid for πŸ˜‰


  6. Nooooooo way !!!! Victoria’s secret will be opened in Kuwait !!
    ok so getting thinks from VS and bring them as gifts to Kuwait is no longer something WOW -.-”

    I heared also bath and body works has opened in Kuwait is that true ?! lol

  7. Bath and body works has opened yes indeed..
    I doubt the victoria shop will be bringing in clothes they get enough from there online stores .

  8. Thanks you guys… I thought the same! Maybe they will bring it later on? Who knows πŸ™‚

  9. Well there’s always internet ;p
    I’ve been told that they dont wana open up in the middle east or something like that, don’t know if it’s true

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