Whats wrong with this picture? – taken in Marina Mall restrooms

The soap dispensers…. errrr!! I meant the soap water bottles!! SERIOUSLY?

Picture stolen from my friend, Yousef… thanks buddy 😉

7 responses to “Seriously?

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  2. loooooooool awal ma sheft el-pic 3bali 39er frawla !!! eeewww

  3. I KNW !! I went to wash up my hands and I was like where the soap ? the worker told me this is it !! And I was like SERIOUSLY ! YY ? galat bcoz the one on the wall 5arban ! 9al7ooooh 5oo !!

  4. mako shay ghala6
    its creative 🙂 why buying 9abon while you can recycle hehe 🙂

  5. yup ! ..I’ve been working there for three weeks and this was the case:/

  6. looool ok that what we call in saving !! XD or ga7a6 hahaha

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