Dhari K.’s Show

I love this boy :-* He’s so adorable! I actually love his whole family! God bless them, they raised him right!

Enjoy the video of the new and youngest Kuwaiti Vlogger in town wohoooo


He’s so excited about his videos that he’s turning it into a regular show! I cant wait Dhari! YOU ROCK!!!

Here is another video


By the way… he is Jadi’s brother (link)

6 responses to “Dhari K.’s Show

  1. awwwww both of our children have been on ur blog how sweeeeet is that ! (hug)

  2. mashallah!! the cutest kid ever!
    He’ll be very famous;p

  3. Esmela 3aleeeh !
    Hoe old is he ?

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