Cafe Meem – The Avenues

I was at Cafe Meem – The Avenues branch – a couple of weeks back

I ordered French Coffee while waiting for a friend!

I heard they have a “healthier” version of the menu – kinda same food items served in 360 Mall, but The Avenues branch uses the oven in cooking almost all of their dishes… if not all! Have you tried it? What do you think? Hmmmm one way to find out, I am going again soon 😉

5 responses to “Cafe Meem – The Avenues

  1. Wala mara jarbta
    o twni adri mawjod bel avenues b3d 😉

  2. Yeah we passed by a month ago. We actually liked it :). Their food was nice especially the turkey fatayer

  3. great news , im in love with their tartar salad !!

  4. try their chicken caesar salad oo elmanaeesh
    waid 5afeef 😉

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