Why Not?

My friend Alfa+ sent me this interesting link to a campaign called “Why Not?”. After searching about it online, I think they are promoting the idea of “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman”

What do you think?


Thanks Alfa+ 😉

12 responses to “Why Not?

  1. thats SMART and FUNNY

  2. Or maybe just that women are just important as men!! And that we can do what men do and hence we can/should become prominent historical figures too.

  3. mmmm, ms guevara is hot! 😛

  4. I agree with “subway mom” women do not need to be behind great men, I think women have proved that they can be just as great as men and they should be in the forefront along with these “great men”.

  5. وايد ضابطينهم 🙂

    حلوه الفكره

  6. That’s one smart thing 😉 So yeah YY not !

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  8. Wow man! Che is beautiful!

  9. yesss why not 😉

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