Juju’s Breakfast

My very nice friend Ghanima treated me to Juju’s new breakfast items at Juju’s! Mino Salad, which was really good! greens,  eggplants, zucchini, chickpeas, topped with fresh mint leaves, and yogurt base dressing! The mixture of all of the above was so good!

And light turkey sandwich

I am liking the fact that they are expanding their menu and having a variety of options now 😉 Maybe next time I will order cookies too! 😉

I heard their Falafel sandwich is to die for too! Anyone tried it?

To order, call 25722999

5 responses to “Juju’s Breakfast

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  2. I don’t like the idea of a salad for breakfast, but the turkey is good ;D

  3. sar 3ndhoum ryougg ??
    ya 7liilhoum,Shaaklii bathougaa 3ala Youm !!

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