Baskin Robbins – Dulce de Leche

I was walking in one of the coops when I saw the flyer for the new Baskin Robbins flavor, Dulce de Leche! Now I am a BIG fan of certain flavors, Gold Medal Ribbon, Cookies n Cream, Cookie Dough, Jamoca… you get the idea 😉 So I was like hmmm why not!

Its a Dulce de Leche flavored ice cream with a swirl ribbon of Dulce de Leche! Not bad at all

Really a good choice, glad I tried it… but it did not top any of my favorite flavors 😉

14 responses to “Baskin Robbins – Dulce de Leche

  1. Hehe. It is an Argentinean flavor.


  2. I have been seeing their new caramel candy thing as their new flavor… but i haven’t seen the dulche de leech yet…

    Now i want a 5 scoop pack of Baskin’s ice cream even though last week imsawda wayhe o makla x_X

  3. Gold Medal Ribbon Gold Medal Ribbon!!!!!! my favorite flavor loool!! i order it with chocolate mouse royal aaaaaaaaaaaaaah 3athaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab!!!!

  4. Ansam ur posts 3athhhhaaaaab !! 😉
    Give the dieters a break, I want baskin I want it now!

  5. ..the odd day it might taste like Close Up but nothing ever beats the old classic – mint choc chip!!!

  6. I love dulce the leche, in Latin America we eat it with crepe-like wafers and it’s yum yum *nostalgia* now i wanna go try this and the diet goes down the drain 😛

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