Watermelon & Honeydew Icy Mix

I was at Napket last night with my friend Shayma (who is also a Napket addict). She ordered her icy yogurt in those two flavors, watermelon topped with honeydew! The colors together and the thought of the combo taste made me order the exact same thing and let me tell you this… it was FABULOUS!

Other icy yogurt mixes I like (although I LOVE the original on its own):

Napket’s Ansam Icy of course 😉 and Pinkberry’s passionfruit and coconut!

Whats yours?

10 responses to “Watermelon & Honeydew Icy Mix

  1. mine is bluberry mixed with raspberry from napket emmmmm !
    and passion fruit from pinkberry with no topping !!!!

  2. honestly although i love frozen yogurt i never tried anything from Napkit Except Ansam’s and from pinkberry the pomegranate again not a pink berry Fan . i wrote down the watermelon topped with honeydew & bluberry mixed with raspberry Flavors can not wait to try them thank you for sharing =)

  3. i think napkit’s froyo’s taste has changed to the worse , before it used to be more dense maybe , a better quality ?? now i dont know , but it doesn’t taste like it used to be

  4. A Message from Napket Team

    We would like to thank you and all of the fans for your continuous support and feedback that we have been getting from you since our inception which truly helped us in providing our customers the most luxurious edible treats. As about your comment, we would like to give you a quality reassurance that since our beginning back in August 2008 and until now, we have served our yogurts using the same best natural ingredients, which should ensure that the taste and quality of the product are kept the same during all times. However, we will take your point into consideration. We thank you again for the valuable feedback.

  5. MA7BEETAA KILISHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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