Spotted at Mr. Baker – Cookie Cake

I saw this Cookie Cake at Mr. Baker yesterday. Its made of layers of giant cookies, butter cream, and chocolate ganache… topped with cookies also.

Price Tag? KD9.750

18 responses to “Spotted at Mr. Baker – Cookie Cake

  1. a555 glbiii ma shft el-post ela lima blasht diet !!! 😥

  2. Waaaaay shklhaaaa ltheeethaa ;O
    Abyyyyy ;'(

  3. it looks good bas a5af its too hard to cut through!

  4. am not a cookie person bas i love anything layered with cream or custard mmmm i thought of soft yummy chocolate eclairs while writing the above :S

  5. هذي اللي بياكلها بيطيح غشيان لوووووووول

    جم نسبة السكر والكوليسترول فيها؟ 😛

  6. you are literally killing me slowly with that photo. Unfortunately from here on, everytime I purchase a subway cookie, my excitement drops down to Zero.


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