Dhari’s Countdown to Graduation

I was talking to my friend Dhari a couple of weeks back, he’s been pretty busy managing his time between studying and his amazing project, K-Lue 😉

He was telling me that he had 89 days left to graduation…. counting the exact numbers of days reminded me of myself when I did the same thing! It started with counting months in the beginning of the semester, then it was weeks… then days! I remember clearly how I had a jar with 34 pieces of colorful Skittles (which represented -at the time- the 34 days to go for my graduation).

Every morning I would grab a piece on my way out… it was just fun and SWEET to watch the Skittles pieces go less and less in number as the days passed by! I, however, did not get to document it and asked Dhari to do it for him to enjoy and for me to relive the experience through his pictures (Thank you Dhari ;-))!

So here I am posting pictures with Dhari’s countdown to graduation (with Peanut Butter M&M’s this time)… starting with Day 89

Has anyone tried this kind of countdown? Or any other kind?

14 responses to “Dhari’s Countdown to Graduation

  1. that’s soo cooool idea !!!! bedal ma ash5be6 3al calendar i’m gonna gain some calorie wahooo 😀

  2. Im graduating in june in sha2 Allah 🙂
    Im soo gonna do this :p thank u for sharing

  3. ybeela bs a76hom 7ag “calculus 2” class ;p

  4. i love the idea! widi lo asaweeha for myself bs 3ala ma atkharaj ila m7azir:p

  5. I never did that, but I will definitely celebrate big! LOL Oh boy oh boy I cannot wait to graduate! lol

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