No More Comments To Toni & Guy Post – Sorry!

I meant no more FAKE comments…. Okay! This is getting ridiculous! I have what seems to be “false” comments all coming up from two (ONLY TWO) IP addresses/numbers and two email addresses with four different names!

Now I like Toni & Guy Al Corniche -I actually LOVE it- I never tried the Shaab branch and never said anything bad about it!!! So I have no idea why they are here attacking Al Corniche club!

So I am not going to approve any more “false/fake” comments 😉


11 responses to “No More Comments To Toni & Guy Post – Sorry!

  1. “So I am not going to approve any more “false/fake” comments 😉
    from Al Corniche ”
    ***I have been going there for a while to the Al Shaab and there is nothing “false/fake” about them or their “comments”.***
    Can you please explain?

    • Yeah cuz four nicknames came out exactly from the same IP address and only two email addresses! Those four people are really two persons (or one) conversing! That is so childish!

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  3. Weeee Ansam, feee trash talk? I didn’t even notice :p 3adeee… They r both professional salons..

  4. ako wayid emyanan out there. cham marra t7a9il ena bintain etehaweshon ma3a ba3ath bil comments section, then I discover they have the same IP. And while “they’re” at it, she forgets to change her nickname in her reply, o sabbat nafs’ha bil comment.


    • I know what you mean! I think its bad because one salon is trying to trash the other… I like how Al Corniche Toni & Guy are rising above and ignoring it 😉

  5. Meoooowww lool

  6. I have to visit the profisional american lady bl shaa’ab hahaha.. ansam 3ala 7arakat’ha hathi met2akda enha mu hendiya or 9a3eediya 😛

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