Robot – Very Real Looking One!

Just saw this video on 3ateeja’s blog!



6 responses to “Robot – Very Real Looking One!

  1. OMG !! this looks soo real & really freaky

  2. eee! I saw this on youtube! she’s the nurse of the 21st century!! scary huh!! I don’t think I’d fancy getting an injection from a robot…………….what’s next? cars that drive alone??
    I’m waiting on the time machine, once that comes, I’ll shut up and stop moaning.

  3. ok, im reallyyy scared now.

  4. Babble: tara sawaw cars drives alone..and google did that

  5. No way! thats to good too be true :s wow its like the Japanese animation came to life (@_@)

  6. it looks so real with so much foundation :> , creepy thou

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