Mutubtub Opening Ceremony

Mutubtub Opening Ceremony turned out to be a huge success! Thanks to all the efforts put together into turning it into life 😉

I actually came in early to take some pictures of the preparations and the first hour of activities, I had to leave early – otherwise I would have stayed the whole time!

It was so much fun for both; kids as well as adults… see, even Shamlan AlBahar was having a good time 😉

Kids were happy and all smile everywhere you turn your face to 😀

Live activity with Fit4Fun! Now that was really getting fit for fun….

Fit Football was also popular among boys (and some girls too) – The interaction with the business owner was great too! Very kids-friendly atmosphere

LoFat Juniors from LOfat group was there spreading smiles and awareness for a healthier generation – Good job you guys!

And so was My Gym 😉

All in all the outcome was amazing

Kids were all smiles and all active running around from one activity to another

Snacking on fruit was a good move by Mutubtub team who provided baskets of fruit for the event 😉

Mutubtub team…. I wish you all the best. This was one helluva start and I see a bright future 😀 Thanks for inviting me 😀

7 responses to “Mutubtub Opening Ceremony

  1. معقولة الراية توصل شذي؟! وين المجمع الراقي
    Next: Salhya!! 😛

  2. cute lulu! seems they’re enjoying their time

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  4. wain mokana ?

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