H&M on His&Hers

News everyone!

H&M are doing this quick competition on His&Hers Blog for the Lanvin press review 😉

Win the H&M competition and get an invitation to the EXCLUSIVE press brunch event on November 2nd 2010 to preview H&M’s most awaited LANVIN!

The question is:

Which location has the H&M introduced (added) an additional section for Young guys and girls?.

Hint :this is the same section which use to be in H&M opposite Carrefour in Avenues (it is an exact location)

Add your answer in the comment and I will reveal all comments tomorrow if we get the right answer. The first correct answer is going to be the winner of this prize.

Please answer it on their blog, not mine 😉 (link)

3 responses to “H&M on His&Hers

  1. Is it the the H&M souq Shark branch that has added this new concept?

  2. thanks for posting 🙂

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