Caribou Trivia – AGAIN!

Okay, I dont know why I get so excited about Caribou’s 100 fils discount trivia LOL! Its just 100 fils, but I love it when I answer those question and I also post the answer along with the location of Caribou branch on my twitter whenever I solve one for my followers to benefit from it too 😉 So do you know the answer to this one?

10 responses to “Caribou Trivia – AGAIN!

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  2. MULAN!!!

    enjoy 100 fils off 😉

  3. Ahh!
    I know, it makes you feel smart and useful and make a difference in your day! ;P
    bil-3afya Ansam! 😀

  4. Fa MuLan ❤

  5. mulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ^_^

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