The Flying Start Awards Ceremony

It was an eventful day full of highly spirited participants, marshals, organizers, and attendees! As the time was approaching the end, we were waiting  for the remaining participants to finish

More media came in towards the end

Below are many of the awards pictures – Enjoy 😉

Happy Ninar opening speech

Ahmad AlMajed

Marina Hotel Manager

The crowd waiting for the awards

Fahad AlFahad of VIVA

From Xtreme Sports

Ahmad's reaction when he announced the discount at their store

Happy crowd cheering for winners

The team behind it all

The Marshals

It was such a fun day, and amazing experience to blog real time from location, and very good feedback 🙂

Congratulations to everyone, winners and participants…

The 3 Club… You did an amazing job pulling of such an amazing event – All the best to you guys

Sponsors, thank you for your presence and support!


7 responses to “The Flying Start Awards Ceremony

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  2. Thank you Ansam for staying with us from dawn to document this triathlon! We had such a fabulous day! We really enjoyed meeting so many fitness enthusiasts AND photography enthusiasts all in one place! I’ll try to push for Ahmed to make this a quarterly event ;P

  3. Congrats to the winners!! looked like so much fun 😀

  4. Thanks Ansam ! am speechless thanks a million 🙂

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