Preparing a SPOOKY Dinner Tonight!

Its my sister’s birthday today… so I have taken few pictures earlier today, and I am sharing’em with you now (scheduled post) so that I wont ruin the surprise 😉 By the time you are viewing those pics, we will be having our spooky dinner – which I will also post about later, so enjoy 😉

Oh and here is my Greeting Card for you all (click here)!

Check out my “Bloody French Manicure” done by Nail It 😉

Trick or Treat?

Halloween in Kuwait City!!

Come to Momma!!!!

Hungry anyone? Finger food is here 😛

Oh 13 pictures…. THIRTEEN! Spooky!!!

20 responses to “Preparing a SPOOKY Dinner Tonight!

  1. Waiting for the next post…

  2. Loool!! loving the nail polish!!
    but why are u celebrating Halloween? Its like celebrating the devil’s day!!
    a lot of Christians don’t even celebrate it!


    • Thanks! I loved it too
      We are actually celebrating my sister’s birthday which falls around the same time as Halloween and thats why we turned it into Halloween theme… I dont see anything wrong with it

  3. Love it!!! Halloween can be sooo much fun 😀

  4. LOOOOL Wansa
    3laikom bel 3afya
    o HBD for ur sis 😉

  5. loool 13 pics! how ironic!
    i love the bloody nail polish ;p

  6. hehe thats is so cool i love the greeting card 3alaykom bil 3afia looks like you are gonna have fun enjoy it 😉

  7. Thank you but to be honest ansam send us the design 🙂

  8. Looks great! Hope you guys had a nice time 😀

  9. mashallah it looks great i loved the salt and paper shaker and i liked the nail polish hope you all had fun . HaPpPy Birthday

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