Mutubtub Opening – The Preparations!

I dropped by earlier today for the pre-opening of Mutubtub! I snapped some pictures here and there to give you an idea of the behind the scene efforts taken to present to you one of the biggest and most important (and maybe the only) health campaign done for kids!

Keep in mind that there is a following post about the event itself 😉 Stay tuned!

Fit4Fun and Pilate & more

LoFat Juniors - Healthy meals for your little ones

Healthy Bites - Courtesy of Mutubtub Team

Not only were Fit4Fun/Pilate & More teams happy and energetic, but they were spreading positive vibes all over the place with their good mood and happy spirit 😉

My Gym was there too 😉

And thats Fit Football team setting up

AlSeef Hospital was there too, who are also running a campaign for kids and health! Nice collaboration!

And we’re almost there 😉

Kids waiting and watching from up above…

4 responses to “Mutubtub Opening – The Preparations!

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  2. يعطيهم العافية

  3. Sarah Al-khateib

    Thank you very much for covering the event 🙂

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