Déjà Vu

As I was flipping through the newspapers earlier yesterday I came across this ad

At first I thought it was from Wataniya Airways BusinessFirst ad campaign, given the fact it is purple, when I am used to Jazeera Airways in blue, and also the fact that they kinda made the same offer!

I actually noticed it was Jazeera ad when I read “Free meal on board” and thats when I looked at the bottom of the page to find Jazeera Airways’ logo!

Whadya think?

11 responses to “Déjà Vu

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  2. People aren’t original anymore. :/

  3. Daaam ur right i thought it was Wataniya too,.. whats up with the blue Jazeera , Wataniya and Kuwait airways all are into blue… and i am color blind in some colors so i might see purple as blue .. hehehehe

  4. haw? i thought that was alwataniya’s ad?
    It even looks like the interiour of Alwataniya! Aljazeera looks different!!!

    Inexcusable 9ra7a…

  5. Ufff th resemblance is unbelievable !!!!

  6. Jazeera did the first business thing a LONG TIME AGO! Yimkin over a year now oo they changed the colours from blue to purple bas for the business also a year ago.

  7. I say Jazeera have run out creative ideas! Or maybe they didn’t have any to start with!

  8. i agree with crazy killer

  9. Al-jazeera business have always been purple! anyhows, Wataniya rocks!

  10. Yes, Jazeera Airways business class was always purple.
    from the last 5 years!
    Oct 31 we complete 5 yrs into operation.

    the picture very obviously show the seats are jazeera.

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