Ad – NBK’s Laki Breast Cancer Offer

What do you think of this Ad/Offer from NBK Laki?

5 responses to “Ad – NBK’s Laki Breast Cancer Offer

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  2. tell me intay what do you think ;p

    • I like it 🙂 Its a “Ladies” account and they are showing support to ladies during the month of breast cancer awareness + giving a discount for them to perform the test

  3. I understand why they would wanna jump on the breast cancer awareness bandwagon (i mean cancer sells halayaam) .. but i just dont see the connection here with nbk. Cheap shot .. And thumbs down for the ad.. Sorry nbk

    • Connection? Well, you can use your NBK card to get tested and get a discount too.. It is also a “Ladies” account so here is another connection. Plus there is something that is called CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) 😉 I dont know why you didnt see all that 😉

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