Sawah – Dinner With Family & Friends

We were at Sawah a couple of days back for dinner celebrating a special event 😉 It was a beautiful night with the full moon out.. fabulous company, appetizing presentation, delicious food, and amazing service… not to mention the atmosphere! The lights on the ceiling, the pop art piece on the wall, the setting.. it was just perfect (more pictures here) 😉

Anyways…. lets start with the food items, shall we?


Appetizers: Mutabbal and Hummos - LOVED the mutabbal I almost ate it all myself



Selection of appetizers - gotta love the salad with eggplants which is kinda surprising for me! I just established a relationship very recently with eggplants!



Fresh bread out of the oven, which smelled and tasted SO GOOD!



Can you guess this dish? Oh and that on the right is a dish of mini arayes - YUMMY mini arayes



Mini chicken and meat shawerma



TINY Sambosak ❤


It was just amazing! Both Mr. Jad and Mr. Saliba were very attentive and very helpful… the night went on smoothly and I was to full to even try any desserts (I even forgot to snap picture of those) but I took a couple of my Ahwa Beida (White Coffee which is made of hot water with drops of rose water)

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9 responses to “Sawah – Dinner With Family & Friends

  1. A couple of days back we passed by it going to Napkit and I told Her, I bet you ansam is sitting in Napkit. I was close I guess 😛


  2. YUUUMMMMYYY al akel shakla LATHEEETH ansam!
    Whats that in picture 04? Give us a hint!

    Did you try their breakfast?

  3. Yummmmmmmmmmy 😉
    Nice pics Ansam way to go !!!

  4. akid akid tayeb
    tks 518 for the good comments ansam

  5. i am there for lunch tks for the advice

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